Sunday, 30 May 2010

Of Eurovision raves and sexual innuendos

There are no words to describe how funny the Eurovision song contest was last night.
For this reason, I will first sum it up in quotes:
"Wow, she even looks like a volcano!"
"Can I smell your Woo-Woo, in the least sexual way intended?"
"And this is the problem with being an island."
And of course...
(Sorry Emma, couldn't find the moment on YouTube :P)

Basically, Smiffy, myself, Carmen, Goggles, Becky, Dan and Joel had a Eurovision based rave, and some of us marked the entrants out of twenty.The UK, of course, had a spectacularly shit entry, and we all actually went up in cheers when Belarus got the twelve points that put us into last place. Personal favourites were Moldova, Greece, Turkey, France, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Georgia. My boyfriend, who is fully aware of my obsession with Finnish music, will not stop taunting me about that fact that they didn't even make it to the final. Nearly all of Spain's points came from the random gatecrasher who jumped on stage. Armenia divided male and female opinions, let's just say ;). We all started doing aerobics to the French entry. I think I headbanged a bit too hard (the back of my neck really hurts!), but at least didn't have the earring-to-the-eye mishap that Georgie did.

I can't possible recal the hilariousness of the whole night, so here's Moldova for you. We were VERY distracted by the violinist.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Of mashed up brains and acousitc guitars.

 Image from WeHeartIt.
My music exam is tomorrow.
If I hear another tonic pedal note, I think I'm going to have a break down.
Still, I can't really complain. This is the subject I've chosen to do after all, possibly for a long, long time after I leave school, if I decide to do a Masters degree. This is how I made my bed, I swear to God I'll lie in it!
Still, not a big revision fan. Who is? Today has consisted of attempting to digest my music anthology, and Van Morrison on repeat before I literally had to dash to the toilet so Mum didn't notice me blasting my ears out with ANYTHING ELSE. There are some music pieces I like. Van Morrison is not one of them.
I miss GCSE revision. Then it was like, revise for half an hour and then watch Poirot. Not any more!
Still, this time tomorrow, it'll all be over. And on Saturday it's time for a Eurovision fest. Apparently Finland got knocked out in the semi finals, so now I will be supporting France. Because I can. Because, let's face it, our entry is shite.

Sometimes I think my life would be so much more eventful if JD from Scrubs was narrating it. Or if not, if some guy with an acoustic guitar followed me around everywhere and sang the soundtrack to my life. AND I'D WANT HIM TO SOUND LIKE THIS:


Monday, 24 May 2010

Of good causes and achievement.

Yesterday, I achieved the unthinkable.
For me anyway. Most people who know be will be fully aware that I am not a sporty person. I am also incredibly unfit. I can't run 30 metres to the train station from my house without feeling like I'm going to have an athsma attack. And I don't ever suffer from athsma.
However, yesterday, through a mixture of walking, jogging and even some running, I, er, travelled five kilometres on foot in only fourty minutes. And why did I undergo such an insane task?

Hayley, myself and Emma, pre-run.

The answer is, for the prevention of cancer. This was the Race for Life, where you get people to sponsor you to run, jog or walk for five kilometres and all the money is given to Cancer Research UK. It's an all-woman event, but it'll raise money to fund research into all types of cancer

We were each given an number to stick on our front, and also a label for your back. On this label, you could write the names of specific people that you were racing for.
That was a strange experience. There were over three thousand people there, and on their backs were the names of all the people they knew who had died of or are suffering from the disease. Some of them had whole lists of people, some just a few, and some had summed it up be writing "the 1 in 3" or something along those lines. That got me thinking. Cancer affects so many people, I knew that already, but this kind of put everything in perspective for me. There's musicians that I've already mentioned on here, Dio, McLaren, and Andrew Lloyd Webber is also living with the disease. And then it's affected me too - an English teacher at my school passed away from the disease when I was in year ten, and so did my grandmother in 2006. Her's was the name I put on my label.

So, I feel like I've really achieved something, and at the same time I know that it's not a purely selfish feat, and it is going to help other people everywhere. Now I just need all my friends to pay up!

Just to lighten the mood a bit, today's music is the somewhat amusing sight of Tarot back in the eighties. Marco looks like he's wearing a poodle on his head!


Friday, 21 May 2010

Of coming full circle.

 Image from WeHeartIt.
I had my first exam yesterday. Japanese A/S. I think it went alright, which is good. A million times better than the mock, so I'm pretty sure I've got more than an E this time round.
This got me thinking - it must've been almost a year since I started writing this thing. Upon checking, I discovered that sure enough, my first post here was made on the 25th May 2009. I initially started this thing up as a distraction from my GCSE exams (which now seem like they must've been so easy), and to avoid the unending shit that is daytime television whilst on study leave. Since then all kinds of things have happened to me, and now I'm back in exam season again. How time flies. What have I achieved in the past year?
Well, I've kept writing in this thing, unlike I ever have in diaries, which I guess shows some kind of commitment.
I've also gained some good GCSE grades, great additions to the iPod, and a boyfriend. I think it has been time well spent.
Well, right now it's stiflingly hot so I don't know why the hell I'm inside, plus the fact that I've only written two of the ten essays that have accumulated due to my spending all my time on Japanese.
I will leave you with today's music, one of the aforementioned fantastic iPod additions, the lovely Leverage.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Of studying and losses to metal.

 Image from WeHeartIt.
Japanese exam on Thursday.
This is followed by music, English and media.
I have been spending every waking moment of my life studying. If I get any more stressed, my head is actually going to explode.

Still, in a month's time, this'll all be over. It'll be summer, it'll be carefree, some of my friends might be able to drive so we can go anywhere. (My goal is Paris but due to lack of money I don't know how realistic this). Also, my family just got tickets to go and see Gorillaz in September. They used to be my favourite band, I haven't listened to them properly for a while now but I'm still excited. Plus it'll be Damon Albarn round #4.

I'm gonna try and get an early night as I have a whole day of Japanese revision ahead of me, but before I go, (sorry to end on a sad note) I have to mention Mr Ronnie James Dio, who passed away last weekend after a battle with stomach cancer. It's a sad day for rock and roll.
1942-2010. RIP

 Funny the things you notice after something like this happens. The first thing I noticed was that his wikipedia article had been re-written in the past tense. Today's music is Holy Diver.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Of a week in pictures

Except Thursday. Nothing ever seems to happen on a Thursday...

Monday brought with it a pear shaped like a dick, much to the amusment of my friends.

Tuesday brought with it massive political change, and destroyed a lot of my faith in this country.

Wednesday brought with it the weirdest weather EVER.

Friday brought with it a party-in-the-park with a Peter-Pan-piss-up theme.

Well, that's all you'll be hearing from me for like a week. My Japanese exam is in like NO DAYS and I am bricking it, so I'll be spending most of my time revising.

Today's "music" is the only thing preventing me from having an exam induced breakdown.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Of taking things seriously and cravings for cheesecake.

 Picture from WeHeartIt. I recently discovered this site. It's awesome.
Right now, I'm on home study. And I actually did some studying. This is me, taking things seriously. John Tavener has been thoroughly scrutinised. But hey, the sun is shining. For once. And I really fancy some cheesecake. I had some when I was at Wagamamas with Emma and Zoe (I can't do funny accents on my computer) and the other Emma and Ash and Moos and that other guy who's name I can't remember, and I've been craving it since then. Whoever decided to put cheese in a cake is actually a genius.
Sooo... we still have no government, so to speak. Political envy of the world? I think so. Or not.
Errrm I saw George for the first time in ages yesterday, which I guess was for an extremely belated six months. It was awesomesauce of course. We wandered around singing Eiffel 65 and talking about gene pools.
Exams are HIDEOUSLY CLOSE and due to my school being a monumental fuck up I have no study leave for the hardest one! Ah well.
So, home study is nearly over and I need to actually leave for school in less than twenty minutes, so goodbye for now.
Today's music is BLACK SABBATH. I should really stop watching so many programmes about metal.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Of political failings and phenomenal lack of social life.

Haven't had much time to post here lately, due to mammoth amounts of revision I've only been reading stuff.
I've also been suprisingly interested in the general election.
So, when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, he was a natural progression from Tony Blair and we didn't vote for him. We've just had an election, and due to there being no party with enough seats to form a government, Gordon Brown is STILL Prime Minister and we didn't vote for him this time either!
England evidentally has a clear idea of the concept of "democracy".
Whatever. Rather him than Cameron. But that's just my opinion. And Clegg owns them both.
Anyhow, I am very tired and writing this at some ungodly hour so I will be off.
Today's music has been stuck in my head for the past week.