Friday, 21 May 2010

Of coming full circle.

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I had my first exam yesterday. Japanese A/S. I think it went alright, which is good. A million times better than the mock, so I'm pretty sure I've got more than an E this time round.
This got me thinking - it must've been almost a year since I started writing this thing. Upon checking, I discovered that sure enough, my first post here was made on the 25th May 2009. I initially started this thing up as a distraction from my GCSE exams (which now seem like they must've been so easy), and to avoid the unending shit that is daytime television whilst on study leave. Since then all kinds of things have happened to me, and now I'm back in exam season again. How time flies. What have I achieved in the past year?
Well, I've kept writing in this thing, unlike I ever have in diaries, which I guess shows some kind of commitment.
I've also gained some good GCSE grades, great additions to the iPod, and a boyfriend. I think it has been time well spent.
Well, right now it's stiflingly hot so I don't know why the hell I'm inside, plus the fact that I've only written two of the ten essays that have accumulated due to my spending all my time on Japanese.
I will leave you with today's music, one of the aforementioned fantastic iPod additions, the lovely Leverage.


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