Sunday, 28 March 2010

Of gentle music and rowdy behaviour.

Waking up today was the weirdest sensation. I was still wearing my clothes minus jewellery and jacket, and I was lying on the floor in a sleeping bag surrounded by empty lager cans and bottles of Woo Woo. The sunlight was gently streaming through the curtains, people were just beginning to stir, and Josh (who will be forever immortalised by the fact that he had a dream about being raped by Spongebob Squarepants) was playing this gentle music on an acoustic guitar. I'm normally really grouchy in the morning, especially since this particular night I had got about three hours sleep, but something about the whole atmosphere... it's been a while since I felt so calm, or content.

For yesterday was the day of Georgie's infamous birthday party. As expected, a complete rave. Lady Gaga was appreciated, onion rings were consumed, alchohol was drunk, awful jokes were told, discussions about dreams were had, and pictures of Johnny Depp were unceremoniously oggled. I barely got any sleep - we went to bed at like half two, rested for twenty minutes, got back up and talked until ten to five in the morning. Needless to say, I am knackered. I think Ed was the only one who got any sleep, being as he passed out around midnight and was completely out of it, even when we got Georgie's dog to lick marmite off his face. All in all, another great night.

[And it's me & George's five months today!]

Today's music is in spirit of last night.

Peace & Love

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Of shoes and film loving.

I am somewhat amazed by these shoes. They probably cost an arm and a leg, but there's no harm in oggling them!
Apparently they were inspired by the new Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland, which I finally went to see last weekend with Emma. IT WAS SO GOOD. And I equally want Alice's dress in the Red Queen's castle.
I also went about watching Repo! The Genetic Opera on the internet. My internet connection is SHITE so I didn't get to see all of it (thankfully Hannah said she's lend me the DVD), but what I did get to see was SO GOOD.

Anyhow, film loving aside, tonight I'm going to Georgie's birthday party [B.Y.O.B]  which should be a RAVE.
Today's music is from Repo!
Peace & Love

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Of songs and numbers.

Myself In Five Songs:

1. Escapist - Nightwish

I think I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. Even though everything in my life is fine, I still want to get out sometimes. I do this by daydreaming, pretty much. When I'm brought back to reality, it sometimes feels like I'm trapped, even if reality's not all that bad. Also, at times I feel really down for no apparent reason, just because I've become disenchanted with everything, and the dreaming helps me then too. This song pretty much represents that. I've been like this for as long as I can remember, so when I first heard the song, I was a bit startled! It's so like me it's uncanny.

2. I'm On Fire - Brother Firetribe

 Assuming that fire here is a metaphor for being over the moon, as opposed to having a MASSIVE HARD ON. Back at Hayley's Christmas party I had my first proper kiss (in her bedroom, ha ha!), and for the rest of the night I was basically mooning around in a semi-dream, helping people downstairs, lying about the time to get them to sober up quicker and being a dettol-meister with Becky. I was so excited about the whole thing, so the song kinda represents that.

3. Eternal Life - Jeff Buckley

 There's all kinds of shit going on in the world, and I just kinda wish it would all stop. That's kind of what the song is about. Simple as that.

4. Nothing - PAIN

 I have a few insecurities about not being accepted and not getting anywhere. The song's true - no matter what you have there'll always be something more, and eventually people destroy themselves trying to get it. The darker side of human nature.

5. The Angry Mob - Kaiser Chiefs

It's no secret that I'm not a massive fan of this country. The politics, the weather, AND THE IDIOTIC DRIVERS WHO COME SPEEDING ROUND THE CORNER AND NEARLY RUN YOU OVER THEN YELL AT YOU LIKE IT'S YOUR FAULT. This song's kind of just a depiction of mundane Britishness.
But here's the thing - I know perfectly well that my dreams would be far easier to achieve if I were to move to another country, but I'd never be able to do that, not really. I'm bound here by the people I'd leave behind. And actually, I'm ok with that.

Peace & Love

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Of 60-man-strong pissups and skateboards.

Revelation of the day: The worst thing ever is when you reach into a packet of mini cheddars, expecting to get the last one, only to discover that you've already eaten it.
Go me and my fast metabolism.

Yesterday I went to an uncle's birthday party, where I met loads of distant relatives and family friends who I didn't know existed.
My Dad's brother's wife's brother's daughter is a fellow Nightwish fan.
My Dad's cousin's son's girlfriend is a Portuguese mime artist.
I think my family is a bit awesome. Insane on every level, but awesome.

Today I attempting skateboarding. George was trying to teach me, and let's be honest, I was SHIT, but it was fun all the same. Plus I got a peculiar sense of self-worth when I was able to tell the desperate F1 fan what the results of the Grand Prix had been. Though he was annoyed at the result (1. Alonso 2. Massa 3. Hamilton), I still, y'know, helped him.

I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow. This is made essentially worse by home study in the morning, so by the time I get around to leaving I'll be dreading it even more.
But I' still rather have a lie in.

Today's music I'm pretty sure is originally Guns 'n Roses. Sung by the amazing beardman.

Peace & Love

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Of exam success and new haircuts

I got some results back recently.
I did my performance exam in music (the bit I'm actually good at) and got full marks, and I also got the marks back for my whole critical thinking A/S. I got a B, which I was chuffed about considering that I didn't really give a damn so long as I got more than an F. So all is well in nerdy land.

I also got a new haircut today. It's almost as short as I had it back in the summer, and I really like it, even though the colour is still fucked up beyond all redemption. My roots are absolutely horrifying. It was semi permanent. It's supposed to wash out dammit! WASH OUT!

(This is basically a message for Emma): Incidentally, when she'd washed my hair she combed it all back from my face, and bloody hell, I DO have a REALLY square head!

Today's music... is in ANOTHER LANGAUGE.

Peace & Love

(EDIT @ 21:05 - This time last year, I watched Nightwish walk on to the stage at Brixton. Exactly a year ago. TO THE MINUTE.)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Of reunions and pizza.

Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. The most exciting thing that have happened in my life over the past few weeks were a music exam and rice. Yay.

Yesterday was Emma's birthday party, and nine of us went up to Pizza Express. I was getting a lift with Carmen, and we ended up being really late because she couldn't find her phone, but oh well. I saw Aly for the first time in AGES, and finally got to give her her Christmas present! I think Jon Bovi was a little freaked out by some of our conversations, particularly the one about how awesome you feel when you've just purchased some new underwear. The conversation also moved to music, where Emma goes "Sofi likes Nightwish", followed by a chorus of "WE'VE HEARD." by everyone else.


Today's music is Gorillaz. Because they flatly refuse to get old.

And now, I have to do some research for the joys of media studies.
Peace & Love

Oh, and congratulations Nettan :).