Saturday, 20 February 2010

Of flowers and inappropriate footwear.

Today saw even more media studies. We have pretty much all of the filming done now, which is good. One piece of hellish coursework will soon be done and dusted. Living up to expectations, I wore the wrong kind of shoes. Again. This always seems to happen to me, I've ended up wearing boots on the beach before! Today I had red heels on, not realising that we were going to go and film in a MUDDY field. Ah well.
Anyway, I got home complete with mud-caked shoes, and was greeted with a surprise delivery.

Turns out that, knowing that I would be out, George had come round to my house on his way to a football match and dropped these off (belated Valentines day). I've never had flowers before so I was over the moon! I know he won't read this, but thank you!

Peace & Love

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Of Mardi Gras and budgetting.

Between midday on Tuesday and about five on Wednesday, I spent the equivelent of about seven minutes at home. Living life to the full? I think so.
Thursday afternoon was spent a-wandering round town with George, contemplating buying an audio tape of the Moomins, testing out glasses that doubled up as straws (great idea, not so great in the execution) and having a Finnish-Swedish band battle. He bet me that I couldn't name as many Finnish bands as he could name Swedish ones. I did. He made all of his up. I win.
Then I went home to grab some Häagen - Dazs, and went out to Hayley's. Alchohol was consumed by all but me, I woke up with a hangover (THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS), we watched The Grudge 2 and talked fairly candidly about bases. And Emma had awesome novelty glasses. And I slept in my clothes.

 (I look hideous.)

THEN I went home again to change my t-shirt and brush my teeth, before going to Cosmo with Emma and Georgie. Ate mammoth amounts despite it's being the first day of Lent, then wandered around town. I spent a grand total of 50p. I am awesome at saving up. Not that this will last due to the simultaneous discovery of this jacket and Brother Firetribe's recently released DVD. Today's music comes from that DVD.

Peace & Love

Friday, 12 February 2010

Of living in a dream.

I think I know how characters in dreams feel.
"Tell me how does it feel when the dreams become real".
Not that anything particularly interesting happened to me today. But yesterday, I was absolutely CONVINCED that it was Friday, but I know that tomorrow is Saturday. So today was kind of... nothing. The space in between.
"A place between sleep and awake".
I was just kind of walking around, living life as normal, but everything seemed numb and empty. I think it was partly because I'm really tired and it was the last day of term, but I kind of felt like I wasn't completely there. It was cold but I didn't feel it, I caught my semi-split nail so many times but barely noticed, I burnt my tongue on hot chocolate and didn't wince in pain. It was weird. Plus I was thankful that I managed not to impale myself on my sharp music folder.

English Literature really makes me think. Particularly Thomas Hardy. Other than comparing his poetry to episodes of the Moomins, it kind of puts human nature into words. Just as an example, take the first time I went a-wandering round town with George. We sat on a bench for hours just talked. It didn't even matter what we were talking about, just that we were there. But that place in town, it's been there for all the eternity of the world, under different names, and, prehistorically, attatched to Pangea or whatever. (I used to have a dinosaur obsession, I know what the first landmass was called.) It's probably seen absolutely loads of historical things, there's been miriads of people passing by, kings and queens, murderers, lovers, viking invasions... but, because the moment was special to me, I automatically associate that place with that event, even though it's one insignifigant event set against eternity.

Life is too short for memories to fade.

Peace & Love

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Of encouraging comments and strange cravings.

I had parents evening at school today. Saw one of the teachers in Japanese and English, and both for music. I managed to get good comments from everyone, which was encouraging. This was probably due to my media studies teacher being ill and thus unable to attend. She's a great teacher and really lovely, but I am HORRIBLE at that subject.

It's been snowing again here. I love the snow, I just don't like how it mucks up all the public transport. I hate having to wait in the cold. Plus I'm getting a little bit bored of winter now. Even though I love it, I really want it to be summer so I can go out without freezing my arse off. Plus reading My Life Is A Mess has given me a massive craving for strawberries, which I never associate with winter.

What else... saw a string quartet at school today which was awesome. Media coursework still not done. Boyfriend away on Valentines Day so celebrating it on the Tuesday instead. Going for Chinese with Georgie etc. Pancakes and drunkeness with Hayley etc.

I cannot wait for half term.

Peace & Love

Monday, 8 February 2010

Of plaguing questions and disenchantment

I can't help but wonder what the answers to the following questions are:
-What would life be like if I was bilingual?
-What would life be like if I was completely alone?
-What would life be like if I never dwelled on mistakes and just let things go?
-What will life be like in fifty years time?
-Why is Pingu's dad always ironing when none of them wear any clothes?

Today I'm feeling... disenchanted. It's one of those days when I just want to be somewhere else, just leave and never look back. Though I'd never actually do this. I have escapism to do that for me. And I know that the feeling always passes. Life continues to mundanely roll by, but none of that matters because I know that I have it better than a lot of people. I'm grateful for what I have. There are people here that I'd never be able to leave behind.

And I absolutely love this writer.

Music today is Vivaldi, since I'm that awesome.

Peace & Love

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Of callings in life and boredem.

I get bored way too easily. That's my revalation for the day.
  Yesterday I learned a couple of things that are pretty important: Trust your instincts no matter what anyone else says, and being a signpost is the shittiest job ever.
  Oh, and I need to be more assertive.
  Emi and Carmen filmed some of their media project yesterday (after a casting disaster) and I somehow ended up standing next to Hayley holding up a sign saying "KEEP OUT, FILMING." Of course I was completely ignored by everyone, due to just standing there holding up this folorn piece of paper, while Hayley argued with the people who refused to go away.
   I was talking to my singing teacher last night, and she was asking me about university. I know that I want to study music, and I'd also like to study abroad for a little. York used to run a study abroad programme to the continent, but it's since disappeared from their website. My teacher was telling me which countries were good and bad if you were thinking purely from a musical perspective, and I happened to ask her what she knew about the Sibelius Academy, which was one of the links on the programme. She turned to me and exclaimed "Oh, Finland's a great country for music, especially for singing!" My face went like this: :D
   So yeah. I had a plan. Now I have a reason.
Peace & Love

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Of total weirdness and being "gifted"

Today was possibly the stangest day of my life.
I got sent a text-message-breakup from someone I've never even met. Apparently some guy called Neil decided it would be funny to kidnap George's phone and send an incredibly fake breakup text. I kind of figured it wasn't actually him since it emerged that Carmen, Becky, Kathy AND Jodie all got the same message, not to mention how apologetic George was about the whole fiasco!

Then I got some test results back that are supposed to determine the goings-on of my brain. Turns out I have no sense of logic whatsoever (111 out of 140, dearie me), and I'm seriously mathematically challenged (113 out of 140), but I got 129 out of 140 in verbal reasoning, which means I'm being put on the school's "gifted register" for it and apparently should be really good at English and languages. Which is good since I'm taking English lit and Japanese.

I think today must've been "lets-pretend-Sofi-doesn't-exist" day. Or "lets-all-be-ill"Nothelp being ill. I hope they're all ok. I'm just day. lonely. that people can
And apparently wallowing in self pity.
Although, in the grand old scheme of things, I'm lucky.

Today's music is the awesomeness that is Nightwish. And a cover of Pink Floyd.
Peace & Love