Saturday, 6 February 2010

Of callings in life and boredem.

I get bored way too easily. That's my revalation for the day.
  Yesterday I learned a couple of things that are pretty important: Trust your instincts no matter what anyone else says, and being a signpost is the shittiest job ever.
  Oh, and I need to be more assertive.
  Emi and Carmen filmed some of their media project yesterday (after a casting disaster) and I somehow ended up standing next to Hayley holding up a sign saying "KEEP OUT, FILMING." Of course I was completely ignored by everyone, due to just standing there holding up this folorn piece of paper, while Hayley argued with the people who refused to go away.
   I was talking to my singing teacher last night, and she was asking me about university. I know that I want to study music, and I'd also like to study abroad for a little. York used to run a study abroad programme to the continent, but it's since disappeared from their website. My teacher was telling me which countries were good and bad if you were thinking purely from a musical perspective, and I happened to ask her what she knew about the Sibelius Academy, which was one of the links on the programme. She turned to me and exclaimed "Oh, Finland's a great country for music, especially for singing!" My face went like this: :D
   So yeah. I had a plan. Now I have a reason.
Peace & Love

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