Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Of total weirdness and being "gifted"

Today was possibly the stangest day of my life.
I got sent a text-message-breakup from someone I've never even met. Apparently some guy called Neil decided it would be funny to kidnap George's phone and send an incredibly fake breakup text. I kind of figured it wasn't actually him since it emerged that Carmen, Becky, Kathy AND Jodie all got the same message, not to mention how apologetic George was about the whole fiasco!

Then I got some test results back that are supposed to determine the goings-on of my brain. Turns out I have no sense of logic whatsoever (111 out of 140, dearie me), and I'm seriously mathematically challenged (113 out of 140), but I got 129 out of 140 in verbal reasoning, which means I'm being put on the school's "gifted register" for it and apparently should be really good at English and languages. Which is good since I'm taking English lit and Japanese.

I think today must've been "lets-pretend-Sofi-doesn't-exist" day. Or "lets-all-be-ill"Nothelp being ill. I hope they're all ok. I'm just day. lonely. that people can
And apparently wallowing in self pity.
Although, in the grand old scheme of things, I'm lucky.

Today's music is the awesomeness that is Nightwish. And a cover of Pink Floyd.
Peace & Love


Emma said...

wait... CAT scores??

Sofi said...

Yeah, though I believe only my form's been given them yet. Pester your form tutor ;)

Emma said...

thank you. eternally.