Sunday, 27 June 2010

Of days out and not caring less.

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Today was a good day.
Again :).
I went up to town. Took like an hour to get there due to train's Sunday services, but ah well. I was in the same carriage as Georgie for a lot of it, not ever realising until we both stood up, saw each other and looked suprised. Epic fail.
We were then joined by Emma, and later by Andy, upon walking up to meet him. The next two hours or so were spent joking around in the park, until Emma and Andy left to go and watch the football. Having no interest in this, Georgie and myself walked through what had become something of a ghost town due to the aforementioned football, hung out in Starbucks for a while and did a bit of shopping. Well, she did, I only had money for George's birthday present. I am now officially broke. Yay. We were then amused by the person on the train who was playing Rihanna so loudly that it managed to out-drown Hypocrisy. That's almost impressive. The simple things in life are always the best.

And yeah, we lost the football epically, and it's a shame, but fucking stupid referee aside I think people are taking it way too seriously. Especially in that there's going to be some kind of formal inquest into why we did so shite. I'm kind of in the "it's only a game" mentality. Plus, if you've seen Mark Webber's death-defying crash after hitting Heikki Kovalainen in the F1 today, you will understand why I find the football pretty dull. Thank God he's ok.

Today's music is from one of Mr Heino's various solo gigs. If he released an album of this stuff, I'd so buy it. Great for the summer.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Of sun, sun and sun! (THIS POST IS FULL OF HAPPINESS.)

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It's sunny! In England!
Needless to say I am in a very good mood right now.
I had a great weekend too - Saturday I went into town with Carmen to see a bunch of local bands (RAP-FUNK FTW) and got thrown filthy looks by posh women in a tie shop. I'm sorry, but I thought that the discussion of how Lady Gaga's Alejandro was actually a protest against the persecution of homosexuals was a pretty intelligent conversation. Sunday was town again with George, we got lost somehow and ended up in a children's playground. And all the while, the sun was shining. Summer's a-comin'... at last! Cue feelings of pure elation!
Tomorrow I'm off to investigate Nottingham uni which I'm really looking forward to, and City of London on Saturday. IF I MISS THE DOCTOR WHO FINALE I WILL CRY. But it doesn't really matter. It'll be on iPlayer.
Yesterday it actually hit me that I'm so close to seventeen. If there's one thing I've learnt in the past year, it's not to take anything or anyone for granted. And things don't just come to you. You have to grab hold of them with both hands and never let them go.

Not only am I in a good mood, but seeing other people happy is great too. Congratulations are in order to Smiffy! And Jukka Nevalainen.

Such a mood has to be accompanied by Brother Firetribe, so that's the music for today. I don't see my love of this man's vocal chords ending any time soon. Just to warn you.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Of freedom and dread.

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A/S exams.

Well, thank the Gods or giant lack thereof for that! It's a fairly strange feeling though. I woke up on Thursday (the first day of freedom) and didn't know what the hell to do with myself. I still don't entirely, in fact all I've done was blown the whole of May's budget (due to not going out at all that month, not the most sensible thing to do I know), and before I knew what was happening, I was tossed back into school to start A2s.
All I know is, I cannot stand media studies.
I knew that already. But I seriously cannot wait to drop it. It's not even that there's anything wrong with it, exactly, it's just... not for me. On the plus side, I'm loving the rest of my subjects. Writing and music and languages, oh my!

I've also been really tired recently. I'm not sure why exactly, but it's probably just the shock of being thrust headfirst back into the old routine again. Coca cola is still the only thing keeping me awake, to be honest. That, my friends, and rock n' roll.

George is in Holland for the next few days (I am insanely jealous), but I'm seeing him on Sunday. The town I almost live in is also having some kind of culture festival which for some reason I'd never investigated, but Carmen the Barman is going to show me the stuff on Saturday, which should be great.

I also have creative block, and I feel the urge to do this thing up again. I don't entirely know how yet though.

Today's music is a tad different from my normal listenings - Sugahspank! A few Greek bloggers I follow have been mentioning her, so I decided to have a listen.


And while we're here, the problem with loving music from another country is when a Dio memorial gala pops up at a club you've wanted to visit for ages in which Marco Awesome Hietala, Tuple Epic Samela, Pekka Gorgeous Heino and Jarkko Fabulous Ahola are playing, and you're two time zones away from it and also a year-and-three-weeks (woah seriously?!) too young for it anyway. Daaaaaang.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Of detective shows and anticipation.

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Three down.
One to go.
Today was English literature. Two long hours of it. I think it went alright, although I hate a fair few of the texts. Still, got to answer the main question on Thomas Fabulous Hardy.
Media tomorrow. Oh God. Not much I can do about that.
And then.
It'll all be over (for this year, anyhow).
So I will hopefully have something more interesting to say. As it is, I am curled up on the sofa, cup-a-soup in one hand, watching Luther (I bloody love detective programmes). It's barely summer yet, but somehow watching this makes me wish it was winter again. And I wish I was by the river Thames, with my coat and hat. And my friends. And George. I've had an absolutely phemomenal lack of social life over the past month. Still, end of exams will be immediately followed by mammoth shopping trips and Hayley's birthday piss up. And a haircut at last.

Anyway, Luther is fabulous (and has a fabulous theme tune), I have nothing more to say here, so here's some Stratovarius. Rock n' roll is a fabulous thing.