Sunday, 27 June 2010

Of days out and not caring less.

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Today was a good day.
Again :).
I went up to town. Took like an hour to get there due to train's Sunday services, but ah well. I was in the same carriage as Georgie for a lot of it, not ever realising until we both stood up, saw each other and looked suprised. Epic fail.
We were then joined by Emma, and later by Andy, upon walking up to meet him. The next two hours or so were spent joking around in the park, until Emma and Andy left to go and watch the football. Having no interest in this, Georgie and myself walked through what had become something of a ghost town due to the aforementioned football, hung out in Starbucks for a while and did a bit of shopping. Well, she did, I only had money for George's birthday present. I am now officially broke. Yay. We were then amused by the person on the train who was playing Rihanna so loudly that it managed to out-drown Hypocrisy. That's almost impressive. The simple things in life are always the best.

And yeah, we lost the football epically, and it's a shame, but fucking stupid referee aside I think people are taking it way too seriously. Especially in that there's going to be some kind of formal inquest into why we did so shite. I'm kind of in the "it's only a game" mentality. Plus, if you've seen Mark Webber's death-defying crash after hitting Heikki Kovalainen in the F1 today, you will understand why I find the football pretty dull. Thank God he's ok.

Today's music is from one of Mr Heino's various solo gigs. If he released an album of this stuff, I'd so buy it. Great for the summer.


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