Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Of exhaustion and coca cola

The last two weeks have been the most hectic of my life:
Thursday: Music exam
Friday: Music exam
Monday: Media moderation, school concert
Tuesday: Music exam

And it goes on:
Wednesday: Japanese mock
Thursday: University convention
Friday: Music exam.

As Emma would say, FUCK MY LIIIIIIIFE! Still, I am beginning to gradually tick things off my stress list. I seriously need a notepad specifically for lists. I write lists of things to do, lists of stuff to buy, pointless lists like ranking orders of vocalists/countries to visit/political parties, and fuck knows what else.

Anyhow, due to the above list, I am absolutely exhausted. The only thing that stopped me from dropping off at like five o'clock was a can of coke. Woo, caffine! Yesterday we had the school concert, which was awesome (save the out of tune recorders, I didn't even know that was possible!) And I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor is bloody hard to sing without a northern accent.

Today's music is from Tarot's new album. For reasons unbeknownst to me I find the video absolutely hilarious, but the song is good :)

I'm also loving this:


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Of tediousness and preperation.

Well. I feel exhausted. I've texted more tonight that over the whole of the last two weeks, and my bag weighs a tonne. People I am ready for school. Not. And I can guarantee that all my essays are shocking.

The last few days have been literally filled with pessimism. Tuomas Holopainen once said "everything is possible. Even the impossible." Which in anyone else's life would be an optimistic notion. Not in mine. Hey, I was told it was impossible to fail Grade 5 music theory, but look what I've gone and done! (I'm over this enough to be able to laugh about it now.)

Nothing else to report. Today's music is from Massive Attack's new album. Feat. Damon Albarn.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Of universities and the city.

I went up to London with George yesterday. Forgot Mum's camera of course, so here are my crappy phone pictures:
I was meant to live here. Seriously. Apparently I would've been if my family had been able to afford it.

Today, on the other hand, was spent ordering uni prospectuses, noting down open days etcetra etcetra. I ordered about twelve, but I have two uni's that I love (York and Nottingham) and one where I love the course but not so much the rest of the place (City of London. The trouble is, I'm constantly worrying that I'm aiming too high. York and Nottingham both have pretty much everything I'm looking for - courses with varying modules so you can get an all round view of the subject (music) while still focussing on certain areas, study abroad oppurtunities to places I' really interested in (Finland and Japan respectively), and they're in good locations. Plus they're quite far from where I live, and while I love my family, I don't particularly fancy living with them and commuting up to London every day. Which would be what would happen.

However, I need two As and a B for York, and one A and two Bs for Nottingham, and I don't know if I can manage it. Then there's the trouble of what subjects to take next year: I love English and I fucking HATE media studies, but should I take the one I like more, or suffer for a year if I'd be more likely to get into a decent uni? Ugh, this is such a mission! Help! At least I know the exact course I want to take...

Also, my thoughts go out to everyone in Poland following the plane crash that killed many important members of their government, including the president. May they all rest in peace.

Today's music is a Florence & The Machine demo. I like it way more than the final version!


Friday, 9 April 2010

Of lazy days and punk legends.

Today I had a lazy day. It sounds better than "downright boring".
If I'm wearing my paint encrusted, much too big hoodie, you can tell I'm not planning on going anywhere. I think the only times I've worn it in public were on the Japan trip, which it was for, and after Nightwish, because my hair was greasy with alchohol, pyrotechnic and Finn. So yeah, it has memories attatched.
I was housebound for the whole day due to having to wait for the washing machine repairman. We asked for a callout between eight and twelve. Guy turned up at two. And I have been all on my owny all day.
What have I done? Well I had an amazingly healthy lunch of ryvita, cheese string and cookies, I took some photos of some flowers in the garden (inspired by the sheer number of photography based blogs now gracing my following list, damn I wish I could take photos like that!), watched Outnumbered and Russell Howard's Good News (comedy - the only thing the British still do better than anywhere else), and some revision in my Leverage-pun infested notebook (nine colours, eight pages and two hours later and I'm still no closer to liking Van Morrison. And now I think I will play some Sims. Typically the one day I can't go out is the one day the sun is actually shining.

Today I heard the sad news that a punk legend and creator of the Sex Pistols (who are simultaneously one of the worst and best bands in existence), passed away. RIP Malcolm McLaren.

Today's music is in his honour.


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Of camdening and rain.

Today was the day of mine and Emma's seasonal trip to Camden. Unfortunately, being England, it was absolutely pissing down.

A crappy photo of some things drawn for the occasion.

I love Camden and all the eccentrics you find there. I bought a nice dress, and despite the rain it was still a trip to the city. And the city, really, is where I want to be. I'm fed up of living in the middle of nowhere.

 One of these days, I'll start doing proper photography ;)

Today's music is for Emma. 


Monday, 5 April 2010

Of rebirth and art.

My life is so interesting.

So, Easter. Also my younger brother's birthday. A time of celebration, of thankfullness.

Of rebirth.

I've noticed that a few people have been turning over new leaves with their blogs and such, but I don't really want to do that. I like reflecting over what's already happened. Even though my computer made loads of shitting pointless typos in my old posts for no reason whatsoever.

What I have done, however, is started drawing again.

My confidence kind of took a massive knock when I did so shit in my GCSE, and I kind of haven't drawn anything properly since. Just doodling. But lately I realised, yeah my coursework and such was fucking awful, but the only way I can change that is by practicing.

I'm so glad I didn't do A Level. I would hate it. I would be knee deep in shit by now. I wouldn't be doing Japanese, which I've come to love. But the best part is that now I can just draw the things that I want, and not what's going to get me the most marks. I prefer to keep it as a hobby, since music's gone way past that now. It's got to the point where it's like the second most important thing in my life (after the people close to me). And that's sad.

Today's music is Serj Tankian, who remains in my last.fm top fifteen. Along with My Chemical Romance. And Vivaldi. And Sonata Arctica. I don't know how the fuck this happened.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Of a newly revised bucket list.

- Study music at university.
- Tour Europe by train and visit every capital city.
- Learn to walk in slip on shoes.
- Join some kind of group of political activists.
- Join a band.
- See the Northern Lights.
- Read all the works of Shakespeare.
- Go scuba diving.
- Meet Tuomas Holopainen.
- Dye my hair some insane colour.

I'm sitting here surrounded by stray paper, a vegetarian cookbook and my beloved iPod. And it's bloody freezing.

Spring is finally upon us. I hate spring, basically due to the weather (I'm British, all I do is complain about the weather!). It's mild and rainy, the inbetween season. And I like extremes. Still, it's a time for new beginnings. I think I'm going to fiddle around with the colourscheme on this thing.

Easter holidays - a bittersweet feeling. On one hand it's great to be off school and to be able to go out and do all kinds of crazy things with my friends and boyfriend, but on the downside I will be spending nearly all of it working. A/S level exams are painfully close.

We didn't make the media deadline, which sucks. I don't want it to sound like I'm blaming someone else for my own mistakes, but to be honest, the teachers were the ones who never gave us any equimpment with which to do the aforementioned coursework, and thus it is ALL THEIR FAULT. Ah well... we're nearly done, so we'll be getting it in as soon as humanly possible.

Today's music is Leverage. Because the vocals from 3.34 to 3.45 made my heart skip a beat.

Peace & Love