Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Of camdening and rain.

Today was the day of mine and Emma's seasonal trip to Camden. Unfortunately, being England, it was absolutely pissing down.

A crappy photo of some things drawn for the occasion.

I love Camden and all the eccentrics you find there. I bought a nice dress, and despite the rain it was still a trip to the city. And the city, really, is where I want to be. I'm fed up of living in the middle of nowhere.

 One of these days, I'll start doing proper photography ;)

Today's music is for Emma. 



Christina said...

Thanks for your comment! I hadn't seen your new layout,it's nice! And I reeaally like your hair color!!

Sofi said...

Thankee :)!
It's "semi natural" lol!

Emma "Close but no Cigar" Smith said...

I officially love you for the music <3

Camden was awesome. Tell me you're putting those pics on fb.

Rain soaked my hair though. FML.
I look retarded.

Emma "Close but no Cigar" Smith said...

my tongue looks round. cheers.