Friday, 9 April 2010

Of lazy days and punk legends.

Today I had a lazy day. It sounds better than "downright boring".
If I'm wearing my paint encrusted, much too big hoodie, you can tell I'm not planning on going anywhere. I think the only times I've worn it in public were on the Japan trip, which it was for, and after Nightwish, because my hair was greasy with alchohol, pyrotechnic and Finn. So yeah, it has memories attatched.
I was housebound for the whole day due to having to wait for the washing machine repairman. We asked for a callout between eight and twelve. Guy turned up at two. And I have been all on my owny all day.
What have I done? Well I had an amazingly healthy lunch of ryvita, cheese string and cookies, I took some photos of some flowers in the garden (inspired by the sheer number of photography based blogs now gracing my following list, damn I wish I could take photos like that!), watched Outnumbered and Russell Howard's Good News (comedy - the only thing the British still do better than anywhere else), and some revision in my Leverage-pun infested notebook (nine colours, eight pages and two hours later and I'm still no closer to liking Van Morrison. And now I think I will play some Sims. Typically the one day I can't go out is the one day the sun is actually shining.

Today I heard the sad news that a punk legend and creator of the Sex Pistols (who are simultaneously one of the worst and best bands in existence), passed away. RIP Malcolm McLaren.

Today's music is in his honour.


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cinta / sepi / sayu said...

thank you so much dear girl :] is that toast with cream cheese? yum.