Sunday, 11 April 2010

Of universities and the city.

I went up to London with George yesterday. Forgot Mum's camera of course, so here are my crappy phone pictures:
I was meant to live here. Seriously. Apparently I would've been if my family had been able to afford it.

Today, on the other hand, was spent ordering uni prospectuses, noting down open days etcetra etcetra. I ordered about twelve, but I have two uni's that I love (York and Nottingham) and one where I love the course but not so much the rest of the place (City of London. The trouble is, I'm constantly worrying that I'm aiming too high. York and Nottingham both have pretty much everything I'm looking for - courses with varying modules so you can get an all round view of the subject (music) while still focussing on certain areas, study abroad oppurtunities to places I' really interested in (Finland and Japan respectively), and they're in good locations. Plus they're quite far from where I live, and while I love my family, I don't particularly fancy living with them and commuting up to London every day. Which would be what would happen.

However, I need two As and a B for York, and one A and two Bs for Nottingham, and I don't know if I can manage it. Then there's the trouble of what subjects to take next year: I love English and I fucking HATE media studies, but should I take the one I like more, or suffer for a year if I'd be more likely to get into a decent uni? Ugh, this is such a mission! Help! At least I know the exact course I want to take...

Also, my thoughts go out to everyone in Poland following the plane crash that killed many important members of their government, including the president. May they all rest in peace.

Today's music is a Florence & The Machine demo. I like it way more than the final version!



Emma "Close but no Cigar" Smith said...

Plane crash?

You realise we have pretty much the same problem, only mine's a toss up between music and media.
But after the disasterpiece of our media project i couldn't endure it for another year.

Also, i have no idea how to revise music.

Sofi said...

Yeah, it was on the news. Only actually I read it on here before that.

My plan is just to work my butt off in English lol! I NEED TWO As (ideally) WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET TWO As FROM?!?!?!

Also if I get a C, I'm fucked. And my extra ucas points don't count for anything cuz they're in music grades which are entry requirments anyway.

Ah, Mrs Kershaw said it might be worth revising in pairs. Put the music on then get one person to hold the score and ask the other one questions. Of course all I've been doing is writing out the nine page notes again in pretty colours :P.


Emma "Close but no Cigar" Smith said...

Dayum, girl.

If I had magic powers I'd help you, but you generally work harder than I do, so you'd be more likely to get magic powers because Karma likes you more than me.

Anyway, rambling aside, you're smart and succeeded over me already in Shitical Thinking.

Damn, A levels are a fucking beast.
We're gonna meet up one weekend so we can "revise" said music. Started revising Van Morrison today and felt like shooting myself.

All the best.
xxxx <3

C.K.B said...

I know you don't know me but I've stumbled across your blog.

I live in Hull (near York) and know people who have gone to York Uni. It's really very very good.

What is it you are looking to study?

And I'm biased but Hull Uni is fabulous also!

Sofi said...

Emma: Yeah, but critical thinking isn't a real subject :P and I have failed a few exams in my time. But only one was important lol.

CKB: Thanks for dropping by :) ah my cousin went there and loved it, I'm hoping to study music which it's apparently pretty good for.