Monday, 5 April 2010

Of rebirth and art.

My life is so interesting.

So, Easter. Also my younger brother's birthday. A time of celebration, of thankfullness.

Of rebirth.

I've noticed that a few people have been turning over new leaves with their blogs and such, but I don't really want to do that. I like reflecting over what's already happened. Even though my computer made loads of shitting pointless typos in my old posts for no reason whatsoever.

What I have done, however, is started drawing again.

My confidence kind of took a massive knock when I did so shit in my GCSE, and I kind of haven't drawn anything properly since. Just doodling. But lately I realised, yeah my coursework and such was fucking awful, but the only way I can change that is by practicing.

I'm so glad I didn't do A Level. I would hate it. I would be knee deep in shit by now. I wouldn't be doing Japanese, which I've come to love. But the best part is that now I can just draw the things that I want, and not what's going to get me the most marks. I prefer to keep it as a hobby, since music's gone way past that now. It's got to the point where it's like the second most important thing in my life (after the people close to me). And that's sad.

Today's music is Serj Tankian, who remains in my top fifteen. Along with My Chemical Romance. And Vivaldi. And Sonata Arctica. I don't know how the fuck this happened.



Holly said...

For some reason, it really is a time for rebirth atm. That's why I started my new blog. The old one just didn't feel right anymore. But that's awesome that you've started drawing again! And don't be disappointed with your GCSE grade. There's a girl in my year (Upper 6th) who got a D in her Art GCSE, yet she's got straight A's now and has just been accepted to do Art Foundation at Melbourne University and somewhere in London. No way has she changed that much in 18mnths. It's just one of those things.

The thing is, if you love it, keep doing it. When it doesn't become fun anymore and it's just a chore, that's when it's time to stop.

Dipsmith said...

My new leaf has three updates so far.

Hope you start drawing again. When I draw it looks like I massacre things.

In other news, I checked my last fm account this evening. Whiskey in the Jar still top. Huzzah.

xxxx <3

Sofi said...

Holly: That's awesome! I wouldn't want to do it as any more of a hobby, but that story's really encouraging. I'm in lower 6th and currently panicking about everything.

Smiffy: I think it is.
Whiskey in the Jar is awesome, even though I have the rubbishy quality version. What's your URL thingy?

Emma "Close but no Cigar" Smith said...

last fm url?
umm hang on.
right i think it's this but it's like to massacre your computer

apparently the last time i listened to a song was in 2008.

Sofi said...

Lol love it!
My top aritst has 676 plays while my 7th has 46. How's that for WTFWORTHY?!