Friday, 16 July 2010

Of ageing and updating.

I haven't been able to be on much lately. First, my internet went down, for nine days. But it's back now. And then I've just been doing other things.
In this time, I got hit by a car (it was going at like 10 miles an hour but I twisted my foot breaking my fall, nothing's broken but it hurts like fuck. Then I went to see the University of York and fell in love somewhat... it's one of the hardest ones on my current shortlist to get into, though. Hmm.... The day in question was also my seventeenth birthday! Raves ensued and I am now the proud owner of a whole bunch of CDs, a new birdcage necklace and a minature TARDIS, among other things. Thankee all!

And now there's the end of term blues. I mean, it's not like I particularly enjoy school of anything, but nearly everyone's away over the summer. And I'm stuck here in England the entire time, save a possible/probable weekend in Paris with the family, which should be awesomely awesome. And I'm already scared about results day. And Goggles is leaving. To be honest I don't blame her in the slightest. The only reason I'm still there is for the very few people who I care about and actually give a shit about me too, and the fact that I want to get decent marks so I can get into a good uni and just start all over again. I'm not much a fan of it other than that. But then people hae actually been horrible towards Goggles. I am simply ignored.

Nothing else has gone on really, so just today's music (Stratovarius) and a picture that made me smile.
Image from WeHeartIt.


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Christina said...

hey! thanks for your comment!
Nice new layout by the way!

I;m not doing anything special this summer either,I just went for vacation for only 2-3 days and I don't know if I'll go again...
About univercity,my results were really dissapointing,I don't know what to do.. I'm thinking of going to a private school which will be more organised,with better teachers and that will be exactly what I want to learn.

Anyway,I hope you're having a great time and a nice summer!

p.s. my hair isn't that light/orange,I guess it was the camera!