Saturday, 20 February 2010

Of flowers and inappropriate footwear.

Today saw even more media studies. We have pretty much all of the filming done now, which is good. One piece of hellish coursework will soon be done and dusted. Living up to expectations, I wore the wrong kind of shoes. Again. This always seems to happen to me, I've ended up wearing boots on the beach before! Today I had red heels on, not realising that we were going to go and film in a MUDDY field. Ah well.
Anyway, I got home complete with mud-caked shoes, and was greeted with a surprise delivery.

Turns out that, knowing that I would be out, George had come round to my house on his way to a football match and dropped these off (belated Valentines day). I've never had flowers before so I was over the moon! I know he won't read this, but thank you!

Peace & Love

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