Saturday, 6 March 2010

Of reunions and pizza.

Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. The most exciting thing that have happened in my life over the past few weeks were a music exam and rice. Yay.

Yesterday was Emma's birthday party, and nine of us went up to Pizza Express. I was getting a lift with Carmen, and we ended up being really late because she couldn't find her phone, but oh well. I saw Aly for the first time in AGES, and finally got to give her her Christmas present! I think Jon Bovi was a little freaked out by some of our conversations, particularly the one about how awesome you feel when you've just purchased some new underwear. The conversation also moved to music, where Emma goes "Sofi likes Nightwish", followed by a chorus of "WE'VE HEARD." by everyone else.


Today's music is Gorillaz. Because they flatly refuse to get old.

And now, I have to do some research for the joys of media studies.
Peace & Love

Oh, and congratulations Nettan :).

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