Thursday, 11 March 2010

Of exam success and new haircuts

I got some results back recently.
I did my performance exam in music (the bit I'm actually good at) and got full marks, and I also got the marks back for my whole critical thinking A/S. I got a B, which I was chuffed about considering that I didn't really give a damn so long as I got more than an F. So all is well in nerdy land.

I also got a new haircut today. It's almost as short as I had it back in the summer, and I really like it, even though the colour is still fucked up beyond all redemption. My roots are absolutely horrifying. It was semi permanent. It's supposed to wash out dammit! WASH OUT!

(This is basically a message for Emma): Incidentally, when she'd washed my hair she combed it all back from my face, and bloody hell, I DO have a REALLY square head!

Today's music... is in ANOTHER LANGAUGE.

Peace & Love

(EDIT @ 21:05 - This time last year, I watched Nightwish walk on to the stage at Brixton. Exactly a year ago. TO THE MINUTE.)

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