Sunday, 14 March 2010

Of 60-man-strong pissups and skateboards.

Revelation of the day: The worst thing ever is when you reach into a packet of mini cheddars, expecting to get the last one, only to discover that you've already eaten it.
Go me and my fast metabolism.

Yesterday I went to an uncle's birthday party, where I met loads of distant relatives and family friends who I didn't know existed.
My Dad's brother's wife's brother's daughter is a fellow Nightwish fan.
My Dad's cousin's son's girlfriend is a Portuguese mime artist.
I think my family is a bit awesome. Insane on every level, but awesome.

Today I attempting skateboarding. George was trying to teach me, and let's be honest, I was SHIT, but it was fun all the same. Plus I got a peculiar sense of self-worth when I was able to tell the desperate F1 fan what the results of the Grand Prix had been. Though he was annoyed at the result (1. Alonso 2. Massa 3. Hamilton), I still, y'know, helped him.

I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow. This is made essentially worse by home study in the morning, so by the time I get around to leaving I'll be dreading it even more.
But I' still rather have a lie in.

Today's music I'm pretty sure is originally Guns 'n Roses. Sung by the amazing beardman.

Peace & Love


x-Emma-x said...

oh you're turning into such a badass

skateboarding? grand prix? wow i fucking love you <3 =D

your family sounds way cooler than mine. in fact, i'd just love to have a family that actually talk to each other more than once a year.

also i hate it when that happens with the mini cheddars :( although with me it's usually with maltesers or skittles

x-Emma-x said...

oh and btw loving the version of paradise city.
awesome song
=] xxxx

Sofi said...

Lol gotta love the F1. Typical of me to kind-of-follow the only sport that doesn't actually involve any physical excercise XD!

Ahh most of the people there I'd never met, and even my Dad hadn't seen in like thirty years. I'd only really met my aunts & uncles & cousin before, and I'd met my aunt's brother and co. like twice when I was really little.