Sunday, 28 March 2010

Of gentle music and rowdy behaviour.

Waking up today was the weirdest sensation. I was still wearing my clothes minus jewellery and jacket, and I was lying on the floor in a sleeping bag surrounded by empty lager cans and bottles of Woo Woo. The sunlight was gently streaming through the curtains, people were just beginning to stir, and Josh (who will be forever immortalised by the fact that he had a dream about being raped by Spongebob Squarepants) was playing this gentle music on an acoustic guitar. I'm normally really grouchy in the morning, especially since this particular night I had got about three hours sleep, but something about the whole atmosphere... it's been a while since I felt so calm, or content.

For yesterday was the day of Georgie's infamous birthday party. As expected, a complete rave. Lady Gaga was appreciated, onion rings were consumed, alchohol was drunk, awful jokes were told, discussions about dreams were had, and pictures of Johnny Depp were unceremoniously oggled. I barely got any sleep - we went to bed at like half two, rested for twenty minutes, got back up and talked until ten to five in the morning. Needless to say, I am knackered. I think Ed was the only one who got any sleep, being as he passed out around midnight and was completely out of it, even when we got Georgie's dog to lick marmite off his face. All in all, another great night.

[And it's me & George's five months today!]

Today's music is in spirit of last night.

Peace & Love


My Life Is A Mess said...

hahaha!SO jealous!
These crazy nights are these you'll remember for the rest of your life!
Thaaaank you soo much for your lovely comment!

Sofi said...

Ah I love crazy nights :)
No problem, I could just relate to everything you were saying :D