Monday, 10 May 2010

Of taking things seriously and cravings for cheesecake.

 Picture from WeHeartIt. I recently discovered this site. It's awesome.
Right now, I'm on home study. And I actually did some studying. This is me, taking things seriously. John Tavener has been thoroughly scrutinised. But hey, the sun is shining. For once. And I really fancy some cheesecake. I had some when I was at Wagamamas with Emma and Zoe (I can't do funny accents on my computer) and the other Emma and Ash and Moos and that other guy who's name I can't remember, and I've been craving it since then. Whoever decided to put cheese in a cake is actually a genius.
Sooo... we still have no government, so to speak. Political envy of the world? I think so. Or not.
Errrm I saw George for the first time in ages yesterday, which I guess was for an extremely belated six months. It was awesomesauce of course. We wandered around singing Eiffel 65 and talking about gene pools.
Exams are HIDEOUSLY CLOSE and due to my school being a monumental fuck up I have no study leave for the hardest one! Ah well.
So, home study is nearly over and I need to actually leave for school in less than twenty minutes, so goodbye for now.
Today's music is BLACK SABBATH. I should really stop watching so many programmes about metal.


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