Sunday, 30 May 2010

Of Eurovision raves and sexual innuendos

There are no words to describe how funny the Eurovision song contest was last night.
For this reason, I will first sum it up in quotes:
"Wow, she even looks like a volcano!"
"Can I smell your Woo-Woo, in the least sexual way intended?"
"And this is the problem with being an island."
And of course...
(Sorry Emma, couldn't find the moment on YouTube :P)

Basically, Smiffy, myself, Carmen, Goggles, Becky, Dan and Joel had a Eurovision based rave, and some of us marked the entrants out of twenty.The UK, of course, had a spectacularly shit entry, and we all actually went up in cheers when Belarus got the twelve points that put us into last place. Personal favourites were Moldova, Greece, Turkey, France, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Georgia. My boyfriend, who is fully aware of my obsession with Finnish music, will not stop taunting me about that fact that they didn't even make it to the final. Nearly all of Spain's points came from the random gatecrasher who jumped on stage. Armenia divided male and female opinions, let's just say ;). We all started doing aerobics to the French entry. I think I headbanged a bit too hard (the back of my neck really hurts!), but at least didn't have the earring-to-the-eye mishap that Georgie did.

I can't possible recal the hilariousness of the whole night, so here's Moldova for you. We were VERY distracted by the violinist.



A. K. said...

Never been a fan of Eurovision. I find it too commercial... Anyway have a nice day! \m/

My Life Is A Mess said...

hahaha.It was my first time I didn't see the eurovision contest.And I didn't miss it at all I can say.But I guess it would be fun!

Sofi said...

Lol we just watch it for a laugh. None of us really take it seriously, we eventually ended up giving them extra points depending on their eyebrows!