Monday, 11 January 2010

Of A level exams and chocolatey missions

I had my first A/S exam today. Critical Thinking. What a bloody nightmare. It's a silly subject, but by Tuesday it'll ALL BE OVER! And I am so glad I did some revision even though both of our teachers and the textbook told me not to bother.

On the plus side, I found some new ambitions in life:
.Get a batchelor of arts degree in music.
.Assist Georgie and The Smithster with running their Californian bar.
.Introduce Finland to the concept of "Hole In The Wall."

Today we went on an epic chocolately mission. Upon discovering a box of chocolates in her and Natalie's locker, Jess thought "Ooh, a secret santa present!" since they're still coming in. So we ate some, and then Hayley dropped the bombshell - what if they were for Natalie? So she texted Natalie, and it emerged that they weren't hers, but Steph had been keeping them in the locker.

We panicked, and went down to the local shop to buy Steph some replacement chocolate. We managed to find the exact ones that were missing. Hayley slipped over in the snow in the process.

We got back to school, where we refilled the box of chocolates. Hayley gave it to Steph, and said "We're really sorry, Jess though these were for her so we ate some, but we've replaced all of them!"

Steph goes "Oh don't worry, they were a present for Jess anyway!"

Peace & Love

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