Saturday, 9 January 2010

Of grinding halts and Nordic laughter

 I bloody love snow. The result is that this is the fourth day of a five day weekend.
Saying that, if I can't get in on Monday, I will have to do my critical thinking exam in June. Which means even more lessons.

I will walk if I have to.
(I don't know how realistic this is considering I live miles away from school).

Apparently France and Spain have freezing weather too. I think the whole of Europe may have moved slightly closer to the Arctic circle. Or not.  This weather makes me feel so English. One of those insanely British ways of life is that when we get a bit of snow, everything comes to a grinding halt. And now we're also running out of grit. Fantastic. All the Nordic countries are probably LAUGHING THEIR ARSES OFF. That said, we were actually colder than Finland yesterday. That's some achievment!

Speaking of Finland, today I learned that the Finnish phrase "Mitä tämä paska on?" means "What is this crap?"

I think this information will be invaluable.

Music is Brother Firetribe. I like listening to this in the mornings, it puts me in a good mood.

Peace & Love

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