Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Of ends of eras and new look obsessions

 Second Critical Thinking exam was today. Thank God for that! Now I never have to think about that subject again! At least, not until the results come out...

I've recently gained a bit of an obsession with New Look. I just love everything in there! Unfortunately I'm not very good with winter clothes. I either need to buy more jumpersWHICH NOWHERE SEEMS TO SELL EVER) or somehow stop myself from feeling the cold so (easily!

Music today is a Bon Jovi cover by Pekka Heino. He is seriously my favourite singer at the moment.

Peace & Love

1 comment:

x-Emma-x said...

i love new look LOADS :)
and i'm sure critical thinking is fine.
biggest doss ever.
gosh i'll miss it :(