Saturday, 12 December 2009

Of Christmas raving and farewells

 Last night was one of the most epic moments of my life.
I had so much fun!

It was the day of Hayley's long awaited Christmas party. Becky brought crates of alchohol, but this time, I wasn't the only sober one. The uninvited guest never showed up. Several people told me they loved me. I got a chance to wear my awesome red shoes. We sung a very drunken rendition of My Heart Will Go On. Jon Bovi described the song as "magical" and I nearly did a spit - take with my lemonade. And I got covered in cat hair.

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

It was also the last time I could see George before he goes to New Zealand for three weeks over Christmas, so we did present swapping. He gave me some Malteasers and a bracelet which is pride of place next to my Camden one. And (though this is pretty much for Emi's benefit since she said she'd probably forget), I definitely did have my first kiss this time.
Overall it was one hell of a party!

Peace & Love


Emma said...

hahaha Ed.
thats something i remember you told me last night, les congratulations to youuuu
also when was the titanic singing? i think it missed it. jon bovi was a right laugh, i'll be surprised if he wants to talk to me on monday ;)
it was so awesome xx

Sofi said...

We were all standing in the kitchen singing the chorus, I think Becky started recording it but just as everyone stopped lol!
'Bovi was insaaaaaane!