Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Of Christmas illness and yore

Yesterday, we had our school Christmas concert. We spent an entire day rehearsing for it, which was primarily spent being bored. One of the lines in one of our carols was hideously chromatic, and set to the words "In the scene of yore".
What, pray tell, is yore?
We didn't know, so we added it into every sentence we could.
Having heard the yorechestra, the reyoreder consort and singing in the sixth fyorem choir, we went home only to return three hours later for the concert itself. It went fairly smoothly, but the descants we had to sing were way too high. I am not a soprano. The last note was so high I actually thought I was going be sick. Not fun.

Today was one of those days when you just feel awful for no apparent reason. I think it was a bit of a mixture of a sore throat and cold, tiredness, stress and the imminent departure of ones boyfriend to the other side of the world for almost a month.
Bad times. 

Not much else to report, although Hayley's having a Christmas party on Friday, which should be awesome fun!

Peace & Love

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