Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Of irritating school and industrial metal

The people who run our school just don't get it.

Today we had these pointless tests that are supposed to determine our basic intelligence level. Total waste of time.

The teachers haven't been giving us much homework, which I thought was a good thing. How wrong was I? The result is that they've suddenly realised that they haven't taught usChristmas yet. So we get all the stuff we need to know by bogged down in homework. This results in Emi and myself having to cancel band practice for the week due to drowning in music scores and such. Saying that, the piece we're studying (The Lamb - John Tavener) is GORGEOUS. Which is how I found myself on the way home on my own on the shitty public transport, blasting my ears out with Nightwish in an attempt to ignore the incredibly irritating people sitting next to me.

Now, if it had been any other week, we wouldn't have had to cancel because we could do it in free tomorrow. But instead we have a stupid ACT day. Now I've hated the idea of these since the beginning, but I can see why they might want to give the younger years a taste of stuff outside the curriculum. Fair do's.

WHY does the sixth form have to do it too? We have some three hour long careers meeting (they've apparently forgotten that most of us plan on going to university first), and then two hours of self defence, which we already did a few ACT days back. Now, maybe it's just me, but I think that maybe being given time to do homework, courseworkSTUDYING FOR SOME IMMINENT A/S LEVELS IN JANUARY might be a and better use of my time. And yet apparently the reason we're allowed to go for lunch at any sitting is so we can spend the rest of the time revising. So we're expected to revise in the one break we have all day, but when we actually have some time to do so outside of this, they take it away.



Today's music is PAIN again, in fact the URL of this blog is named after the song. I prefer this version to the non-remixed one, and I never say that about anything ever.
PAIN - Clouds Of Ecstacy

Peace & Love

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