Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Of winter wonderlands and dirty jokes

I redid the layout on this thing, to make it look more wintery. I like winter, as I've said before. Especially Christmas. I like hot soup and long coats and going to fairs and penguin-huddling with George. Which might be problematic since he's on the other side of the world during the holidays.

Hayley's having a Christmas party, B.Y.O.F.B, so it'll be another night of passive drunkeness with Jerk and Dipshit. Good times.

I heard the best dirty joke ever today:
A small child is staring at an old man who has a really small head. The boy says "why have you got such a small head?" The man said "One day, I was fishing and I accidentally caught a mermaid. She screamed 'Please release me, I'll grant you one wish!' so I said 'How about a little head?'

Peace & Love

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