Friday, 9 October 2009

Of being shepherds and amaranths

We had open evening at school yesterday which was... succesful. I guided a family round, sort of rambled on at them at length about the music department (good to plug your own subject eh, and everyone does English and media) but we didn't have time to go up to Japanese, which would have resulted in more rambling.

After that Emi and myself sort of turned into "guide shepherds" which basically involved wandering round the school and dragging the younger years kicking and screaming into showing more people round. Everyone's knackered by the end of this I can tell you!

By around eight we realised no-one else was coming, so we wandered into the music blockCarmen and watched her play the piano. First she played something she'd been learning, then a really with happy, silly sounding piece that she called "Becky's Song"Nightwish's Amaranth. Being the Nightwish nut that I am, I already because it basically sounds like our friend Becky in music form. Then she did a piano version of knew she could play it, but she does it amazingly well so I was in as much awe as Emi, who was like ♥_♥!

Then our music teacher came into the practice room we were in and asked us to help tidy, so we did. We ended up tidying pretty quickly, so we made our ways over to the piano in that room. It is The Worst Piano In Existence, and more than one person (student and teacher) has had the idea of burning it and claiming the insurance. Nethertheless, there it stands. So, Carmen started playing Amaranth again, and I started singing along. Then the two teachers came in and really liked it.

By the time I leave, I WILL have inflicted this band on the entire music department.

Nightwish - Amaranth

Today we have a day off, so I'm going for chinese with some friends.

Peace & Love

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