Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Of rainy days and technology

The umbrellas have been out all week... I have a half day tomorrow and an inset day on Friday, so that's looking good.
Hayley has swine flu, but said she's feeling a little better now, so I hope she gets well soon.
I'm still having a bit of an internal tug of war between my head and my heart, do I keep what I have or do I take a gamble? I don't know, I don't want to rush anything...

I got a new phone, and I'm having massive problems trying to get it to work! It doesn't help that my computer keeps disconnecting it of its own accord!

Today's music is more like poetry than anything else. It astounds me that this is so beautiful, and yet the rest of the band's stuff is like BRUTAL RAGING DEATH METAL D:
My Dying Bride - For My Fallen Angel

Peace & Love

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