Saturday, 26 September 2009

Of winter chills and longing

I think it's fair to say that summer's on it's way out. Or at least it is here in Kent. Yeah the skies are blue and clear, but it's absolutely freezing. I like summer, but I think I like winter more.
What I don't like is autumn and spring. The in between stages. I prefer the two extremes.
I miss the weirdest things about winter.

I miss the cold air whipping around my face.
I miss the smell of the rain and the artifical shine of the streetlamps when it's dark at half past four.
I miss that one frail bit of hope that we might actually have a white Christmas.
I miss the Doctor Who specials!
I miss the unbelievably long chat I have with Emi on Christmas day, and the marginally shorter one I have with Hayley,
I miss that one glorious week of doing fuck-all at school, and watching the upper sixth make a fool of the teachers on the last day. They said they might ban it, but if not, that's me in 2010!
I miss the weird things you find in Christmas Bazaars like a table full of sushi. And spending stupid amounts of money on raffle tickets knowing that I have no hope in hell of winning anything.
I miss wandering around town in the freezing cold, and only being able to afford one hot chocolate between us, resulting in us drinking it with three staws.
I miss the feel of the fire when the central heating just doesn't make the grade, so to speak.
I miss the coca-cola adverts and the things you always find on TV.
I miss it when the teachers at school let certain secrets about certain Christmas traditions slip and we all pretend to be shocked and upset when actually we've known for ages.
I miss how in primary school we used to pack things up into shoeboxes and send them as Christmas presents to children in less economically developed countries.
I miss the meal we have with Hayley's family where we play drunken board games and my brother gets pissed off because everyone picks on him.
I miss the unbelievably tacky light-up santas people have popping in and out of their chimneys.
And I miss all the Christmas raves I have with my friends.

Today's music reminds me of winter. Plus Nightwish are awesome.
Nightwish - Walking in the Air live at Hartwall Areena

Peace & Love

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