Sunday, 6 September 2009

Of winter cravings and carniverous deer

Yesterday I went for a picnic for Carmen's very belated birthday party. It was fun, we listened to panpipes being played, got gatecrashed by some randomers who were in the park, and Carmen got attacked by a deer. The deer then called all it's friends and we were soon surrounded. Dan managed to scare them all off by running at them and yelling something that sounded like "FLOBALOBALOB!" but not before Amanda had managed to adopt one and insisted that Jodie was the father. So all in all, a great day.

I have this sudden craving for it to be winter again, even though I know it won't snow. I miss freezing days loitering in town and wet autumn wind and it getting dark early so you can see all the streetlights, and above all I miss Christmas!

Peace & Love

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