Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Of a return to the school

Music - Same old, only harder :) we have set pieces to learn and some of them are AWESOME (though we're apparently supposed to be able to play these within an hour... oh dearie me... )
English - WE ARE STUDYING MACBETH. Again, but I actually like Shakespeare now whereas in Year Eight I LOATHED it :D Not sure what else we're doing as of yet.
Japanese - NEED. TO. LEARN. THOSE. KANJI. MUST. GET. OFF. INTERNET. It's cool though, it's nice being in a class of seven people, just have to try not to get distracted this year. Back to the year 7 reigime!
Media - Possibly the most awesome subject ever! Yeah it's confusing in some ways, but our homework is basically to use the internet and watch telly and films... so far anyway, I know it's going to get waaaay more hectic.
In short - I love being in the sixth form.

Peace & Love

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