Friday, 3 July 2009

Of parklife and haircuts

Sorry for the lack of posts of late (not that anyone reads this anyway) but I've been preeeetty busy.
So, the last week.

New hair. It's a lot shorter than it was... I'm hopefully putting black lowlights in it sometime soon. Also went shopping and bought some summery clothes. 

I've actually completely forgotten... can't be that important then I guess!

Went up to Camden avec Emi and Aly. Spent an amazingly small amount of money since it was too hot to stay there for too long. I did spend like a tenner on bottles of orange juicesunglasses. Emi nearly got her eyes poked out with a pizza box, we nearly though. And I bought some suffocated on the tube and we got attacked by a werewolf (NO JOKE) but it was a good day.

I went to see Blur live at Hyde Park! It was one of their first gigs in about six years,come off hiatus, and they were amazing! They played they've only just all the classics and some of the lesser known songs too. We all went completely bonkers when songs like Song 2 and Parklife came on! And to top it all off, I actually remembered the camera, so there are actually some relatively decent quality videos from it!

So yeah, it's been a great week! Even the weather cheered up!

Peace & Love

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