Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Of growing older and Finn action

The last three days of my life have been amazing.
Well, the last two. Monday could've been, if it weren't for some rather irritating intervention.

Monday was Leaver's Day. My school year has left compulsary education now, so some people are going to other schools, some might be going to work, etc. Most of my friends and I are staying at the school we're at now, but one of my best friends, Aly, is leaving to go to college and do a BTEC in fine art. She's one of the most stunning artists I've ever seen... you can see some of her work here if you're interested. So, we all thought it was going to be a really emotional day. Apparently not. Basically because the teachers spent the day burying us in summer work. Then it rained so we only got like an hour to muck around outside. And then the teachers threw us out of our own school. So we had no time for it to sink in. Plus, we were seeing Aly the next day anyway.

Tuesday was my sixteenth birthday.
Again, chucking it down, but anyway, Aly, Emi, Becky, Carmen, Hayley and myself all went for a picnic. It was a complete rave! Among other things, we had a discussion about "how far we'd got" if you know what I mean. This is kind of private so I won't tell you what they said, but I can tell you that, since I've never had a boyfriend, by the end of the discussion I felt like a social recluse. We also returned a shopping trolley to it's rightful owners.

 I also ended up being the proud owner of the following:
A new bag
A box of soap
Rihanna's head on a stick (don't even ask)
A DVD of Gorillaz live
A book on how to write crime novels (or kill someone, as Becky put it)
A box of Lindor chocolates
A scarf
Florence And The Machine's debut album (Lungs)
A charm for a bracelet and an anklet
A programme to create and edit music on (FINALLY!)
A grand total of £115.

Today, Hayley, her friend Ellen, Emi, Aly and I went to Thorpe Park. Again in the rain. We discovered the following things:
We can all still get away with child fares, despite the fact that only Aly is legally allowed to get them.
There are no queues early in the morning, so THAT is when to get on all the big rides.
But always make sure you go on Tidal Wave last. Or not at all.
One letter can change the whole meaning of a sentence. One of the rides is called The Flying Fish, which as you probably could guess, had a fish theme. For this reason, the motto of the ride was "get some fin action." Only, of course, I went and read it as "get some Finn action." Oh dear...
When stuck in a queue, the best entertainment is watching two ladybirds bumming each other.

Oh, and my school has Swine Flu.

Peace & Love

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