Friday, 23 October 2009

Of gigging and Willy Wonka

Well, myself and Emi somehow ended up playing (she was playing guitar & singing a little, and I was singing) in the art corridor on sixth form open evening. Why we got put in front of art I will never know, all the visitors were like "is this music?" and we had to go "No. This is art." But it was fun all the same and we gained three groupies (Steph, Georgie and Will.)

Anyhow, the "setlist" (in no particular order):
Colours of the Wind - From Pocahontas (Me)
Heaven (Candlelight mix) - DJ Sammy (Emi)
Walking In The Air - Howard Blake (Me)
Knocking On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan (Emi)
My Immortal - Evanescence (Both of us. Acoustic version, nearly all of which was made up on the spot!)
Let It Be - The Beatles (Both of us)
Times Like These - Foo Fighters (First sung and played by Emi, I later attemted to sing along too but since I didn't know the words this was rather unsuccesful)
Sleepwalker (A'cappella version) - Nightwish (Me, with hastily improvised ending after the second chorus due to the bridge type bit being too high and not really wanting to sing the slightly innuendo-y bit in front of the teachers who were walking past at the time.)
Where Will The Birds Fly - Written by us and Aly, played by both of us minus the cello part
Freefalling - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (Emi)
"Emma's Song" - A song Emi wrote, I don't know what it's called... played and sung by her.
Romanza - Some Spanish bloke (Emi)
Wonderwall - Oasis (Both of us)

In other news, we had book character day today, Ed made an AMAZING Willy Wonka, and I met up with George which was great.

Music today is the newest release from The Rasmus. I don't usually like The Rasmus, but I like this. Plus Nettan is in it which makes it instantly better.
The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon - October & April

Peace & Love

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