Sunday, 30 August 2009

Of rowing boats and epic failures

You may recall that some time ago I mentioned that myself, Hayley and Emi had attempted to row a boat at a park in our area. We were particularly bad at rowing said boat, and after being towed out from a bush we were forced to trade for a pedalo. Well, there is now a lot more to this story...
Aly had her sixteenth birthday in the park and the three of us went. We dragged Aly into a rowing boat with us. Now, Aly actually has some idea of how to row a boat, but being as you needed two people to do so, we just went round and round in circles. At this point, some of Aly's guy mates jumped into pedalos and tried to ram us. With them towing us around via some ropes on the boats, playing tug of war with our boat, us yelling at them to leave the ducks alone and Aly leaning across the boat to kiss her then-boyfriend, we nearly capsized. We then had to be towed in again once our alloted time was up.

Turns out that while I was away, Emi and Hayley went back to the place, and, having got stuck again, asked the guy to try and teach them to row. He stormed off when Emi asked which way was right, and they got stuck on the bank again. The guy refused to help them, so Emi climbed out onto the bank and pushed it free. However, Hayley was then left rowing round and round in circles while Emi stood on the bank in complete hysterics! I wish to God I'd been there! We plan to go back again... they're going to know our names soon!

Peace & Love

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