Monday, 22 June 2009

Of Gamelan and new experiences

Today I had my first day of a week of work experience. I'm kind of loitering in the music department of a relatively nearby comprehensive school for the week. The only thing I knew about it was that my employer for the week was friends with the music reacher at my school... turns out she's a former pupil so we could kind of relate straight away. The pair of them have apparently been discussing my vocal chords over the phone, ooerrr... everyone's really nice and it's a lot of fun despite sitting through three hours straight of the Gamelan project, which I remember from when I was in Year 7 :)
I'm desperate to know how everyone else got on, but my phone is temporarily out of action. I know from the facial book that Aly had to clean 86 litter trays.

Peace & Love

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