Thursday, 4 June 2009

Of James McQuillan and exams

James McQuillan got fired from The Apprentice last night! I was like "nooooooo!"
Ok, so he may not have been the best business man, but he was so sweet and came out with some hilarious stuff. WHAT A LEDGE! At school, me and a couple of my friends were practically in tears! When he got fired, he gives Sir Alan Sugar a huge grin and goes "It's been BRILLIANT!" AAAAAAAAA!
Ok so here is my mini tribute to James with the ledge quotes from last night.
"I look after people who spunk money up the wall"
"I bring ignorance to the table... but it's a good kind of ignorance"
"I don't want Sir Alan to kick me so hard up the arse that I have his toes for teeth"
James, you have been a LEDGE.

In other news, I only have one GCSE left to do! I had my last ever Chemistry exam today, and English language. Just physics left. Joy.

Peace & Love

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