Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Of For My Pain and supermarkets

--Music Junkiness--
Today I FINALLY took the time out to give For My Pain... a listen, and wasn't disappointed. Autumn Harmony was on the brain like all day and I was singing it while walking round Sainsbury's.

For My Pain - Autumn Harmony

Speaking of Sainsbury's, I swear those trolleys are waaay too hard to steer. I nearly ran some kid over with it. Oops. There is now actually a reality TV programme over here which is based around random workers going and running Sainsburys. Inventively, it's called "I'm running Sainsburys." Excuse me, but I'm running Sainsburys! (In my own head anyway...) It's my friends birthday today but I've been either sleeping or revising practically all day... need to find my phone and text her... more tomorrow when I can actually say how physics went.

 Oh, and Yasmina Siadatan won The Apprentice.

Peace & Love

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