Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Of summer plans and end of eras

My exams are officially OVER. I had physics today (and I think it went really well), and now I'm officially in the summer holidays! (They start early for my year.) I have work experience soon, but other than that, I get to do f*ck all until 15th August when my family and I are going on holiday to Spain.
Hmm... I'm a little unsure what to do with myself now. Over summer, I plan to do the following things:

.Get another set of ear piercings 
.Get highlights done 
.Go Camden-ing with Emi
.Have a birthday picnic!
.Write some music to go with lyrics 
.Give up several bad habits
.See Blur! (2nd July here I come!)
.Get my exam results... somehow or other (I'm away on results day)
.And... various other things. (Hayley and I have plans to have a teapot decorating session!)
.Get the band started up

Peace & Love

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