Thursday, 18 June 2009

Of epic journeys and orchestral masterpieces

Yesterday, Hayley, Becky, some of Hayley's friends (Issi and Ellen) and I went out for the day to Hastings.
The day started with the train getting cancelled. Since we had to make one train change and people were getting on said train at four different stops, you can imagine that this caused no end of trouble. Hayley and I had to wait for half an hour at our local station, frantically trying to call people to let them know not to get on the train orignally planned. Then we wait ANOTHER half an hour with Becky for a train to Hastings that passes through the stop where Issi was getting on. THEN it emerged that Ellen had got on the train we were supposed to get in the first place so she had to get off at Issi's stop and wait for like an hour for Hayley, Becky and I to get there! On the train, we killed time by sorting Becky's massive collection of train tickets into alphabetical order, and watching the guy who was standing outside scratching his crotch.

Eventually we got there, bought chips and sat on the beach. Hayley went paddling and Becky picked up several pebbles. We also found an empty beer can and what looked horribly like a severed hand (we came to the conclusion that it was a glove but nobody wanted to touch it and check.) Then, we went on some rides at the fairground - the ghost train and the kiddies caterpillar ride, in which Becky got too "intimate" with everybody.

We also went shopping, where Hayley and Issi bought collosal lollies and I became the proud owner of a dinosaur t-shirt and purple tights from New Look. Hayley also bought a t-shirt, and Becky bought one for her and one for her boyfriend. We spent I don't know how long trying to figure out what size he was (in which time we texted him to ask) and eventually decided on small. Two minutes after leaving the shop, he texts back to inform us that he is medium. However, we couldn't return it since there were no mediums in stock, so Becky said he'd have to live with it.

--Music Junkiness--
I absolutely love the fusion of heavy metal with orchestra -coughnightwishcough- and I am actually addicted to Serj Tankian's voice (he's a solo artist who used to sing for metal band System Of A Down). So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when Youtube greeted me with the following teaser from his upcoming live DVD.

Serj Tankian - Feed Us

Peace & Love

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