Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Of daytime TV and freaky people

I have been watching too much TV lately. Like, WAY too much. 
Especially Mock The Week. Hugh Dennis is the funniest man alive. And Russell Howard. And Michael McIntyre.

The Mighty Boosh will always be tops though. Jurgen Haabermaaster (Julian Barratt with a Danish accent) sounds uncannily like Serj Tankian.
I've also been semi-watching semi-ignoring Ashes To Ashes. Yes, bullet-induced comabeing transported to the eighties.  can result in
That's like all I watch, but in an attempt to be more social I've been going on the internet in the front room. Where my Mum likes to watch Bargain Hunt. All I can say is... the presenter kind of freaks me out.

Peace & Love

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