Thursday, 19 August 2010

Of results and hyperventalation.

 Image from WeHeartIt.

I woke up on results day thinking "shit".
I had seriously mentally prepared myself for the worst. I was going to be happy with one A, two Bs and whatever I could scrape from media studies, but I was terrified of not even getting that. I know it's "only" the A/S's and it doesn't determine where I go to university just yet, but due to predicted grades and all that malarkey it's definitely going to affect the offers I get.

So, I got into the hall, and opened the envelope (after hiding with Emma in the corner). Thirty seconds later, having actually read the stuff, I was literally hyperventilating.
It wasn't what I had hoped for.
It was better than I could ever have expected.
The long and short of it is:-
Music - A
Media - A
English lit - A
Japanese - B.
I was NOT expecting three As. I thought I'd be lucky to scrape one. And the lack of Cs on the list means that I can apply to the universities I like AND take the three subjects I love. Bye bye media studies!
Well done all!

Today's music has been on the brain for ages.



Holly said...

That's so wonderful, congratulations!!

Sofi said...

Thank you! :)

Emma "Close but no Cigar" Smith said...

fucking einstein genius!
don't tell me i'll have to pay you to tutor me next year D:
also still not started summer work, lolz xxx

Randomnes said...

what a grat feeling, doing better than expected :)