Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Of British weather and procrastination

It's freezing in England.
Reminds me of the UNIQLO advert that's on telly at the moment. It talks about the temperatures in different cities. Tokyo 5°. New York 3°. London... -1°! I applied for a job never got back to me. at the shop once, but they

Sometimes I get days when I really can't be bothered. I don't know if I'm just tired but I have a massive lack of motivation at the moment. I like most of my subjects but music'simportant to me. Sometimes it feels like it's the only one that's the only one that's really... worth it.

Media studies is an absolute disaster. Note taking and such is fine, but the minute I get within a three meter radius of any kind of technology, everything falls apart. Plus we're doing compostition in music at the moment, which is DEFINITELY my weakest area. I'll spend like ten minutes writing and recording like, four bars of melody, then Emi and I will show them to each other and hers is always unbelievably good... I have this hook up that composing comes naturally to some people and I'm not one of them. Well, we'll see.

Me and George have been together for a week now. It's just a little amount of time, but it means a lot.

And me and Emi are starting a band :)

Today's music is my favourite song at the moment, from Nightwish of course!
Nightwish - Ever Dream

Peace & Love

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Emma said...

i relate to everything everything everything everything in that post.

except the me and george part (: