Friday, 17 July 2009

Of being starstruck and messing about in boats

I saw Mr Gok Wan in the middle of a shopping centre today. Gok Wan is a stylist who does some fashion-based programmes on TV, one which is about cheap fashion fixesHow To Look Good Naked, is basically about getting rid of feminine ideals and making people happy with their own body, by showing them how beautiful they really are. Kind of. Anyway, I kind of (which I usually watch when it's on, Gok's Fashion Fix) and the other, admire the guy for not being one of those stylists who takes one look at a person and tells them to get a boob job, and how he respects people, so when I saw him, I was like "OH MY GOOOOODDDDD!" He was actually filming the catwalk scene for the latter of the aformentioned shows, in the middle of the shopping centre! I was probably too near the edge of the crowd to end up on TV though. Which is probably a good thing.

I saw Ice Age 3 and the new Harry Potter film with some friends this week, which were both good. I also went to a park on Monday, where we attempted to row a boat. (Typically, the first thing I noticed was that the oars were made in Finland.) We did so badly that the guy we hired it from towed us in and made us swap it for a pedalo. It was hilarious!

Peace & Love

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